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Want to be IT? There’s a Kit for That!

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It is Fashion week (or more appropriately Fashion Month) in the Big Apple and in New York City the ladies and gents know how to take the latest and greatest trends from the catwalk and rock them on the sidewalk!

I would like to take a second to stress however, that the most important fashion accessory each and every one of you has is the one that’s with you every day of your life.  Do not forget about or neglect your skin!  Leather is in this year but not when it’s your face!

Fashion’s Night Out 2012 was on Thursday, September 6th, and I had the opportunity to shoot a product launch for some extraordinary ladies.  (Freelancing with the Billy Farrell Agency has it’s perks!)

So the skinny on great skin in 2012 comes to you by the Clarins girls in the form of their new product package for your beautiful face – the “It Kit”.

the “It Kit” at Sephora in Union Square, NYC.
photo credit: Jenny Kawa/ (c) BFA
the “It Kit” at Sephora in Union Square, NYC.
photo credit: Jenny Kawa/ (c) BFA
 Jenna Courtin-Clarinsat the launch of the “It Kit” at Sephora in Union Square, NYC.
photo credit: Jenny Kawa/ (c) BFA
Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Jenna Courtin-Clarins, Prisca Courtin-Clarins
at the launch of the “It Kit” at Sephora in Union Square, NYC.
photo credit: Jenny Kawa/ (c) BFA

Zombie Cream

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Morning After Face is what typically quickens the pace during that walk of shame.

Luckily for this fantasy reality world, it’s Zombie Cream to the rescue!

Wake up next to the man of your dreams – and then quietly sneak off to fix that hott mess before he sees the false eyelash stuck to your cheek!

(featured 0:48 – 1:18)

I had a great time working with the guys of Vicious Niche Media  in creating their promo video for their kickin branding company.  My character was originally called “Woman in Bed” but we affectionately renamed her “Hott Mess”.  

My favorite comment of the day was when I was sent back to make-up because I was “… still too hot, not enough mess”.  After seeing the finished footage, I believe they nailed it!  The only thing missing was the sweet sensation of early morning litter box breath.  I think it was Melanie Griffith’s character Lily Reed in the movie “Paradise” who put it best when she woke up one morning to her smiling husband and bright sunshine and chirping birds and so eloquently asked “Where’s the cat?” (‘What Cat?’) “The one that took a sh!t in my mouth.” Too bad they don’t make Zombie Cream for that!


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I have done some modeling for a campaign called “Be P.C.” for P.C. Progeny that was photographed and marketed by an amazing team of creatives in an art, information, media, and technology company called scenyc here in New York City.

The description of the company straight from the company website is “scenyc, inc. is an organization of designers, developers, artists, strategists and innovators who build businesses, brands, products and legacies.

They have a division in marketing called sputnyc and the photography branch is called photogenyc.

I mean, the creativity of this group is completely obvious just by looking at the names of their divisions as they all incorporate the company location of NYC so brilliantly!

The people at scenyc are professional and super cool at the same time and I highly enjoyed working with them.

They have their portfolio online and I wanted to mention it here as, I am featured on it a number of times.


Be the Party for P.C. Progeny by scenyc

Be Playful for P.C. Progeny by scenyc

Be P.C. for P.C. Progeny by scenyc

Featured on a blog by Costume Craze

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I am featured on a blog for my modeling gig with amazing photographer and digital artist Heidi Hastings.

The blog is called My Disguises and is a blog sponsored by Costume Craze.

This is too much fun and gets me one step closer to letting the whole world know that


Photo and digital design by Heidi Hastings.  Featured on

Visit Heidi’s Makeover Page on her Blog!