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Zombie Cream

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Morning After Face is what typically quickens the pace during that walk of shame.

Luckily for this fantasy reality world, it’s Zombie Cream to the rescue!

Wake up next to the man of your dreams – and then quietly sneak off to fix that hott mess before he sees the false eyelash stuck to your cheek!

(featured 0:48 – 1:18)

I had a great time working with the guys of Vicious Niche Media  in creating their promo video for their kickin branding company.  My character was originally called “Woman in Bed” but we affectionately renamed her “Hott Mess”.  

My favorite comment of the day was when I was sent back to make-up because I was “… still too hot, not enough mess”.  After seeing the finished footage, I believe they nailed it!  The only thing missing was the sweet sensation of early morning litter box breath.  I think it was Melanie Griffith’s character Lily Reed in the movie “Paradise” who put it best when she woke up one morning to her smiling husband and bright sunshine and chirping birds and so eloquently asked “Where’s the cat?” (‘What Cat?’) “The one that took a sh!t in my mouth.” Too bad they don’t make Zombie Cream for that!


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